KILLS 99.9% Bacteria

KILLS 99.9%

Harmful Bacteria

Easily removes glue, silicone and more


Glue, Silicone & more






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About Gorilla Wipes®

About Gorilla Wipes®

About Gorilla Wipes® The industrial antibacterial hand wipes brought to you by Curran Trading.

Gorilla Wipes® are one of the original industrial cleaning wipes in the market for both hands and surfaces. Over the years there have been many imitation products claiming to be as good if not better. Our customers say this is not the case and when they have tried other brands they always revert back to Gorilla Wipes®.

Unlike most other products, Gorilla Wipes® are Tough, Reliable, Anti-Bacterial and made in GREAT BRITAIN! They kill 99.9% of bacteria and have a 100% money back guarantee.

Recent years have seen other makes reducing their quality and increasing the quantity of wipes in their tubs. We have resisted this to ensure that our product is of the highest standard possible. They are dermatologically tested and conform with EU safety standards.

Should you wish to become a distributor or would like a copy of our Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS) please contact us.

We would love to hear what applications you use Gorilla Wipes® for, so please visit our Facebook page.


About Curran Trading

About Curran Trading

Curran Trading is an International import & distribution company, supplying the retail sector, independent distributors and wholesalers alike throughout the world with a compact but highly effective product range.

The operations run from our offices and warehousing facility in Central Essex, and we offer fast effective distribution via our logistics partners to businesses throughout the UK and Europe.

As a company we are focused on the source and development of new and exciting products for our trading partners. Complete and comprehensive support from our manufacturing plants across the world, not only on supply but also research and development, enables us to offer a diverse and premium product range to meet the very high standards set by your business.

We are so proud of our product range and have full confidence in all of them. We therefore offer on all of our products a no-quibble 100% Performance Money Back Guarantee.

“We strive to be best in our class and will ensure we continue to offer our customers a product and a service seemingly unmatched by any other manufacturer”


John Curran
Managing Director

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